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Lyrics » T » The Game » Don't Cry
Don't Cry
by The Game
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[Intro/Chorus - sample]
-- Don't cry [5X] don't..
-- Don't cry [5X] don't..

[The Game]
Amayah wake up baby
I know you're sleepin, but daddy's home now
Pictures gettin old, my lil' girl lookin grown now
Your moms said you're talkin on your own, walkin on your own now
Run across the kitchen floor in them baby drawers
I sent you from off tour and I miss you when I was tourin
Smilin at them baby pictures, so happy, tears pourin
God how can somethin so beautiful come from me?
After the gunshots thought you was done with me
But I know I'm livin now, why you made me put the guns down
Pick up the mic, start rappin for a living now
My sun, my moon, my starts, my earth
My wind, my fire, my life, my bay-bay
Tryin to make your moms life ya must be crazy, fussin and fightin
I know she love me cause ya look just like me
Day you came into this world I was so excited
Eleven twenty-one double-zero, my baby girl is here


[Blue Chip]
Yo, yo, you see this rap shit I do it for you
And the first time I heard your voice I prayed to God it had to be true
Got a son now, cuttin the game, stoppin the bullshit
Remember eyein your enemy, can you pull quick
Dipped out Cali, came back, snatched my son
my girl moms and I moved out Maui
Yeah your pops gone bananas, seen wild went hard
Bigger house, wider yard, nappy with the crash bar
Off that hersh', shit you stupid, you ain't no dad nigga
Takin your black ass to court for all you have nigga
You see me and your moms, that's another topic
Ain't no whip in this world with a price you can't cop it
Stop it, press rewind, you didn't hear me right
It's a lesson to the song, I'm tryin to steer you right
Just remember your father taught you to go hard or go home
Never sing that sad song, don't cry


[The Game]
Huh daddy ain't gon' preach to you, I'ma let your moms school you
Don't let the streets fool you, streets'll do you, that's why I'm talkin to you

[Blue Chip]
Yeah, you see these niggaz out here, have you stressin by the hour
Never turn your back on your foes, them dudes cowards

[The Game]
Some days sweet, and some sour - but we gon' make it together
The world is ours, and you're my flower

[Blue Chip]
If it's ice you can get that, model chicks hit that
Never stress about the downfalls just 'bout the getback

[The Game]
And I ain't sayin sex is wrong, just make sure he strap a condom on
And never, ever do it in your mother's home

[Blue Chip]
Yeah, never call a girl a bitch, show respect, son pop ya collar
Ain't nothin free, scrape and lock every dollar

[The Game]
And I will leave you with this, my lil' angel, daddy loves you
How I'd die for you, cry for you, ride for you

[Blue Chip]
Yeah, switchin handles like you breakin a zone, candy paint Impala
On the Golden Bridge, bouncin on chrome



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