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Lyrics » B » Bizzy Bone » Died 4 U
Died 4 U
by Bizzy Bone
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Wish I would a died for you baby
I would a died for you Layzie
I would a died for (seventh sign master mind)
You Krayzie (Bizzy the Kid the midwest cowboy)
But the widow tried to play me (play me)

[Verse 1]
Home in front of my vaugh
They say Bizzy he think he Pac
Passin out on stage Rollin Stones was shocked
Bizzy the Kid grippin this baby makers
Tellin the whole story
Runnin from cops
Bustin shots smack the top with a forty
I'm never gonna pop
I'm never going back to Ruthless
Stick to the block
You better believe it
And I'm sorry to the fans of Bone
But I'm bently, Adi Faus, and drop tops
Lou Gary, swisher sweet
And that's the way that we monster mash
Homies gonna respect my gangster
Watch the way we count the cash
Bang the gang
Seventh sign
Twenty seven, seven years
Looking young feelin fit
And I don't have to depress the crypt
I don't need no make-up neither
I don't want you to touch my hair
I just wanna reflow in sickness
Making money everywhere
I don't wanna have prop appeal
I wanna work with real niggaz
Real biggas
Trill niggaz
Rappin with only ill niggaz
Seventh sign crack the seal
Niggaz make you wanna kill niggaz
Crack the steal pedal to the metal
Master dash and gash

Wish I would a died for you baby
I would a died for you Layzie
I would a died for you Krayzie
But the widow tried to play me (play me)

[Verse 2]
I am the general realin incredible better than
Ten year veteran
Off in the cut with a cup of essence
Feel the prescense, spread the message
Never no evidence, ain't no best friends
Shut up and handle your business
This the new thang, the true thang
Seventh sign's how we doing thangs
Gangster parties, smokin and drinkin
Puttin on my dancin shoes
How to get that money right
Pay me and I'll come dance for you
Stay the night and bend your broad
While I'm talkin in turns
Let me swallow that, it tastes like peaches
Must have been a mango blunt
Follow that, I am the future
Evolution of elevation
Knowledge is the power
We shall over come the hatred
With double barrels and rucas
Inscripted like an egyptian
Incripted like lyrical lucifer
Seventh sign conta, seventh sign boy
You done put that Anjo when I met from sancroy
Dip it out like Ice Cube
Skip it out like Dr. Dre
Follow the foot steps of rich niggaz
Bitch niggaz and I'm on my way

Wish I would a died for you baby
I would a died for you Layzie
I would a died for you Krayzie
But the widow tried to play me (play me) x2

[Verse 3]
These are my truest villains
People are fake as hell
Women don't turn me down
Feel me like they feelin brown
I'd rather be David Ruffin
I don't wanna be Odis Williams
I don't wanna be brew needer
Smokin chronic, drinkin gin and bitch
You ain't everybody
We were the perfect group ha
Promise you broke us up y'all
Bizzy always tells the truth ha
Ain't you a liar, ain't you
You are the venemous snake (ha)
To bad none of the homies got bitten
Hell yeah I wrote this for all L.A. huh
Any rapper wants to battle
Wanna see who goes the fastest
I don't have to study or nothing
I'm a leave that up to you actors
I don't be the source to the vine
When I'm up in Barns and Nobles
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Seventh sign soldiers
Standin in my gangsta pose
Shop as a cobra
Look in a mind of a mad man
Medicated with doja
I'm mutilatin this roll call
No metaphor
And the rappin is real
Let it be the hook
Fuck a Jimmit
If I die will you kill, nigga

[Chorus 'til fade]
Wish I would a died for you baby
I would a died for you Layzie
I would a died for you Krayzie
But the widow tried to play me (play me)


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