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Lyrics » S » Spooks » They Don't Know
They Don't Know
by Spooks
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Yeah come on chumps y'all ain't girl
We pretty we hit hard we takin' over the world

Reminiesce we takin' you back to your school days
Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways
They don't know
Sloppy with your flows you bore me at your shows
Whack clothes and pitiful karaoke demos
They don't know

Aight you caught me stalkin' studios and stages
Chasin' the outrageous
Ecstatic sensations I'm tragic trapped Inside the pages
Of melodramtic rages to dark to mention
Over the fact most of these cats lack comprehension
In other words they don't know
I see'em cringin' when spooks mediate
To penetrate the next dimension
Ming rhymin' and singin' It spooks climbin' and bringin' It
This black light'll swallow your shine from diamond ringin' It
How many times must I remind the spooks Is killin' shit
We on some thrillin' shit nothin' but hits on my disc
And I am witness to this lyrical fitness and rip
You still don't know so you'll be frantic as we hijack the planet

They don't know
We expose flows like no clothes and blow
Chest full a holes with
I spit stormshadow and tomes that's reminiscent of monks
Blowin' up lungs with C4 laced In bones
You mentally tour my rhyme book Is covered In thorns
Some givin' a fuck some fuckin' hip hop like porn
Bookat testin' Mc a dumb Mc I said who's the best Mc
You said young Mc
Let me guess you started rockin' hip hop In '88
Naw naw man It was like It was like 19 nigga too late
I'm smackin' up cats to back slap crack In my hand
Bitch blood bouncin' off of your dome and splatter your van

Remineisce we takin' you back to your school days
Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways
They don't know
Open up your mind and you'll find the spooks In It
Experimentally sick pusin' the limits
They don't know they don't know

Shoppin' for a deal with persistance
Initially label heads were like what Is this
It won't get y'all from original to different
Conceptual hip hop will be resistant
The pendulum will swing back again
Pass accept now follow the trend
Hard to believe but easy to pretend
Revolution revolution Is why we began
They don't know they don't know

Too many soft niggas stress try your best to same some hip shit
Get caught up In these lyrics with me you get your wig split
You tired of me try me can't even stand beside me
I be havin' people you study big up and high five me
Forty million one thousand nine hundred and sixty two
I'm Irresistable unpredictable and so Is my crew
Never accidental everything I do Is Intentional
Joe Davis premeditated creative and unconventional
A lot of truth seekers are people peepin' for secrets
Some assembly tryin' to find my safe house
And I got beef with everyone of you wannabe's
Tryin' to Infiltrate my company
You swear you know the business but actually you don't know nothin'

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah who dat
It's the killer ha ha ha what
Niggas don't hate me cause I'm fly come on
I'm the one bankin' on driveby's yeah
I keep pleasure packed In my clever raps
Once I sever the track I'ma live Inside a cheddar stack
I don't stutter once my tome shudder
And I become the bone crusher I scream on my own mother
What a pimp I roll with the gangsta limp
In the cut drinkin' wine eatin' shrimp
Yeah come on chump y'all ain't girl
We pretty we hit hard we takin' over the world

Remineisce we takin' you back to your school days
Hand us the mic and we flip It fifty million ways
They don't know
We can see us niggas my crew Is causin' you fear
Spooks takin' It there Industry ain't prepared
They don't know


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