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Lyrics » B » Bizzy Bone » Be Careful
Be Careful
by Bizzy Bone
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Little Layzie made the plan up
And Wish said I wouldn't bust
Til he was witness to my sickness, started pickin' em off
What? When I was a baby, pops callin' me bitch, hurtin' my moms
Gimme the reason to stop your breathin'
And I will leave him eatin' lesions
I ain't even drop the bomb
In the nineties i'm at Juvi,
til I escaped in Cleveland, sinnin' and shootin' Uzis
You won't punk me, a stack don't front me
No crack, put it up and laugh
And get with the Bone Thugs mash
In the winter walkin', real weezy by myself
And dreams of hookin' with Eazy made me queasy
Maybe no food and bad health
You see, my forefathers left me no wealth, put it in my loins
And plus, my groins stay poised
And only count on yourself
Damn, who would've found thanks, swing I'm slick
And even though I'ma stick all of my shit, you better back off em, bitch
Remember crack them broads blastin' with Deuce
Deuce isn't missin' over some dick
I'm still laughin' on my mission

You gotta be careful where you go
You gotta be careful what you do
You gotta be careful who you use
You gotta be careful who you choose

See, in the trenches with my henchmen
Respecting the blessings given on the commison
While my pops is all locked up in prison, I miss him
With no child hood tales, I was a daddy at twelve
Hell, I love my children all is well
Oh yeah, sell a key for payments
See my baby's need it daily
Lay Lay I see you're shady, huh
Niggas must be crazy
I love my lady but no way will she play me for pay, baby
And i'm down for mine, give up my money, money
Nigga, they can't fade me make it clear hustlin' year to year
Why don't you lend in need cause niggas is out here strugglin'
Holdin' back the tears, but it ain't nothin'
Somethin', somethin', but enough to blow up the functions
One of my homies that I buck with, oh

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You gotta be careful where you go
You gotta be careful what you do
You gotta be careful who you use
You gotta be careful who you choose

You know what I tell her with hella attitude, do what you gotta do
Go fuck who you wanna fuck
Smoke with whoever you want to
Wait a minute when it might haunt you
And while every nigga in jail found the Lord
Cause it's time to visit the parole board
I stay strapped down, hold the gat down, hit the floor
I'm comin' up outta this motherfucker through the door
Niggas come when the money's abundant
But then start runnin' when it ain't no fun
And when the war gets close, and niggas get gun-sick
Tellin' me to think about my kids
Big bitch, swear to God, they ain't punk
You can turn a ho into a house wife
Or fake niggas into real niggas
Where everyone wanna be in the limelight
Or they wanna be the niggas to kill on the frontline
Stickin to the message,
cause other motherfuckers have you thinkin like prison
They ain't tryin to go to Heaven
Might as well pull out your weapon and blast yourself
I had a vision of a little division
I'm on a mission traveling the world
Talk to all the little children, the adults is fake
And don't listen, watch your back
A nigga had a premonition

[Chorus (repeat 'til fade)]
You gotta be careful where you go
You gotta be careful what you do
You gotta be careful who you use
You gotta be careful who you choose

[Bizzy - repeat 2X]
I don't wanna rock the pump
But I'ma do it if I have to pop the trunk
And I'ma get 'em niggas thinkin they missed me what
Nigga that thuggish ruggish fucked them up


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