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Lyrics » J » Joe Budden » She Wanna Know
She Wanna Know
by Joe Budden
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[Joe Budden]
I'm bout to say some shit to you
I might need you to answer back (Top)
Bad enough that the mic give me feedback
I ain't gotta come home and see that
(Top) Let me talk to you for a minute

[Lil' Mo]
I wanna know..
I, wanna know.. know, know know
I believe I know
You'll be my baby, baby

[Joe Budden + (Lil' Mo)]
Let me talk to 'em
First off, all the questionin, I thought we was above that
We got some time and act like you wish to jerk that
C'mon don't tell me that we already endin
And fuck I need to cheat on you for, I'm already winnin
It's like (I wanna know) if I got a exit them tensions
Callin her names, tryin to make her feel like less of a woman
But nah, picture I shady, WON'T lie and say I DON'T lie
Once or twice maybe, forever you my lady MY
You gorgeous but, it's more than just your hips that talk
It's {??}, but want more
It's how we laugh, you know shall we not
My better half slash your eyes the vibe we got, it's like
(I wanna know) If I'm real in a deal
And then, she wanna know if I feel how she feel
And real when I'm dealin, please believe boo
Won't deceive you - it's not just a want, I need you

[Chorus: Lil' Mo + (Joe Budden)]
I wanna know if you'll always be my baby
(You my girl, my wiz, my life)
I need to know he'll always be me baby
(You my heart, my all, my wife)
I wanna know if you'll always be my baby
(You my girl, my wiz, my life)
(Bad enough that the mic give me feedback)
(I ain't gotta come home and see that)

[Joe Budden + (Lil' Mo)]
It's like (I wanna know) if I'm at some other broad's
Laughin in bed, she got it all mapped in her head
Ma, I'm all about, you and me
But you sloooooooowly losin me when you keep accusin me
I know why you be askin where I came from
Nothin wrong with arguin but we havin the same ones
Either you gon' ride out or you gon' spoil it
Either you gon' take a shit or get up off of the toilet
It's like (I wanna know) if I be lyin to her
Or if I think these other birds finer than her, so
-- So when your man's on the road, he don't see you
I don't want the sex to be the only thing that keeps you
I give you my all, just holla at me if you want more
You tired of hearin 'bout me talkin 'bout a jump off
-- You my girl, my wiz, my life
Ma we can't go wrong ma, listen to the horns ma


[Joe Budden + (Lil' Mo)]
It's like (I wanna know) if my career catches fire
Out of all the woman in the world, why her?
Hold up now you gettin mad at yourself
Just take a look in the mirror, be proud of yourself
How many times I gotta tell ya, boo you all that I got
How many times I gotta tell ya, be secure in your spot
I understand so I can't knock it, but I'm your man stop it
Checkin my 2-way, and goin through my pants pockets
It's no need, you my girl, my wiz, my life
Look ma you - my heart, my all, my wife; and you pissed
cause you know other chicks would LOVE to smash your man
I tell 'em I'm aight, I take pride in that I'm your man
(My friends keep tellin me you ain't shit)
I done been through this before baby, same shit
Long as we know what we got, we can carry on boo
We can't go wrong ma, listen to the horns ma


[Lil' Mo]
My girl, your wiz, your life
Your heart, your soul, your wife
I will be everything to you, oh baby
I wanna know, if you'll always be my baby..


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