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Lyrics » F » Field Mob » Shake Sumpthin'
Shake Sumpthin'
by Field Mob
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Run it
Yo, you know what I'm sayin' it's the original Paparue
(Original original)
And I'm passin' through with my boys from Down South
(Down South)
The Field Mob
(Field Field)
And also I'm bringin' this for all the girly girly's
(Must bring it)
Who like to shake it at the club
(Shake it Shake it)
Who like to twurk it at the club
(Twurk it Twurk it)
And you know something this is how we rub-a-dub
So Field Mob - Come Down

I met this fine young tender named Vivian
Brown-skinned cinnamon
Playin' and pimpin' men
Swimmin' in Benjamins
Body like a Buick bumpin', jumpin', and jigglin'
Butt look like big lips talkin' and whisperin'
Sayin' . . . and her voice so feminine
Either her booty talkin' or my Hennessey kickin' in
I smile, give a grin
Grab that butt with both hands
Man she moved it over and started hunchin' my Jimmy then
See I'm gon' hit her then
Switch up and stick her friend
I'm skinny built like a spoon
They grits I'm diggin' in
I don't be spendin' ends
But they gon' givin' chin
They lick it and kiss it then say . . .
They pagin' and beepin', beggin' for me to come hit again
I'm pimpin' plenty women, game stronger than 20 men
Damn lil' momma proper halter top and knee-knockers
But before I freak the senorita she gotta

Me say shake somethin'
Me wanna see you twurk somethin'
Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin'
Me say shake somethin'
Me wanna see you twurk somethin'
Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin'
Shake somethin'
Me wanna see you twurk somethin'
Lil' momma work it like she bout to hurt somethin'
Me say shake sumthin'
Me wanna see you twurk somethin'
Lil' momma work it, work it, work it

[Boondox Blax]
I know a shawty, they call her Shellette
I wanna holla at
Dark skinned chocolate
Plus shawty drop a 'llac
Big breasts are proper set
Her game, she on top of it
She break big ballers that'll infrared dot ya head
Micro's and contacts, oooh, I wanna knock her dead
Vicky Secret scents in the air, why I want her pop her leg
I heard in the streets that shawty give lots of head
Good hot my mouth too, have you jumpin' up out the bed
And plus shawty rock baguettes
Chickens wanna chop her head
Off cause she jazzy with more cheese than broccoli
We on the dance floor, from side to side she rockin' it
Toot it up and stoppin' it
Then droppin' and poppin' it
She said "Oooh, you on hard" I had to stop and check
Pants pokin', I knew then her number I gotta get
Tipsy off of Heineken ready to shake some
Shawty flexa
Time to have sexa


Look a big booty girl
But I bet her rock me world and me say big booty girl
Diamonds and pearls
Big booty girl
But I bet her rock me world and me say big booty
Me want a big booty girl
Big booty girl
Me rock her world and me say big booty girl
Like diamonds and pearls
Big booty girl
And when she rock me world and me say big booty
Big booty girl


Yeah (Uh), Yeah (Uh)
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
I like the ones with the weave
The thong-th-th-thong-th-thongs and Capri's
You can come home with me if you a girl on them 6-inch heels
Or a black blonde with the natural and gold in yo grill
Earring in yo tongue, you dark and you lovely
Fine from yo heels up, but yo toes ugly
Plus it ain't bubbley (What?)
The back part
I ain't actin' hard, but you ain't touchin' me
Look, them tight Capri pants be fittin' her right
But her booty is much bigger, so that's what I like
I know a lot of shawty's out there sayin' that's not right
But she the jazziest, and that's what I'ma take home tonight

A me say, I know a little girl by the name of Suzy
She look so sweet and she really sexy
I go home and she take off my shoe
Say "Ohh Paparuby, let me make love to you"
?On top my mind, me say "My, my, my"
The woman on top of the woman is a lesbian
But the Ruby on top of woman it's a stylin' fashion
Stylin fashion, it's a stylin' fashion
Give me a big booty girl
And I bet her rock me world and me say big booty
Me say big booty girl
And I bet she rock me world and me say big booty girl
Big booty girl

You, you know what I'm sayin'
This the original crew (Original)
And all the big booty girls passin' through (Pass through)
You this for you and you (Whaaaat)
This the original Paparue (Yeah-yeah)
You know what I'm sayin' with the Field Mob
And we doin' this especially for the club
How you mean
Big booty girl
Let her rock me world
Look, Paparue, Field Mob
How you mean


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