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Lyrics » L » Lloyd » ATL Tales / Ride Wit Me
ATL Tales / Ride Wit Me
by Lloyd
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Nobody cares (Troubleís like a cancer, you gotta get it early if you donít get it early it kills you)
Nobody cares (u gotta cut it out)
Nobody CARES, Capisce, not about your self your family or nothing important to you.
(Let me tell you something, when youíre alone late at night in the bed)
[indistinct voices overlapping]
They come along like the great fighters once in a lifetime (you gotta do what ur heart tells you)
U think a gun makes you a tough guy.
Iíve seen more gus with guns wet the bed than other
guys without guns.
[indistinct voices overlapping]
[Beat starts]
Hell, yeah
Iíd like to welcome everybody to this side of the world.
The Murder INC.
And Iíd like to introduce to yíall,
My nigga,
ATLís own

[Verse One: Lloyd]
Ladies come step aside wit me, take this ride wit me to see the top of the globe.
Courtesy of Murder INCís provider of privacy, nobody you know.
Yeah I know I brought the mob wit me, cuz obviously a lotta niggaz snitch on the low.
Just open your eyes and see what the blindís eyes are told.
And I realize how niggaz fantasize and the unreal truth is sold to the ears of the
youth, while other try to provide their souls to the roof,
FUCK that, Iím bustiní back through the roof.
Thumbtack to lie, hardtop to drop, show em how to rock and roll, and roll and rock, how
to breathe locate and open shop bringiní everything I know Iíve got.

[Chorus: Lloyd]
Ainít no stopping what we doiní, feels like Iíve been waiting a while, spent a lotta time cominí around.
So we goní keep on moving, cuz my time is here and now, right here and now.

[Verse 2: Lloyd]
Niggas come take this ride wit me, break some pot wit seed on the side of the road. Where
everyday different bodies to count, niggas is riding away, getting dropped into homes. Follow me
to armed robberies come hide wit me, and keep your eyes on watch patrol. Cuz they donít know how
to ride but we be hotter so build up your chest. Getting wiped away better build up your rep.
Cuz my niggas cash checks from Hollis to the deck. Holla em at my nigga I gotta good connect.
Iíll be in front the complex polishing the Lex. Red rolliní baguettes, Retro but fresh, nuff
money in stacks, the best of the best. When you holster the gun thereís no time u invest, you
just gotta do it for yourself.


[Verse 3: Ja Rule]
Lookie here my little nigga, lemme talk to you for a minute, lemme tell you bout this business
and these cats whoís in it. ĎBout these fake ass bitches and these bitch ass niggas. How to spot
the cowards from the killas. The flow is from the spinners, this industry is all smokiní lyrics,
so we real street niggaz, our focus is to finish niggaz off. How often you report a nigga on, so
you must be the chosen one do it proudly son. Neva leave your residence without your gun, cuz
youíd rather be caught wit it than without one. Trust me, Iím like that old gangsta named Lucky,
niggas know that my hands are dirty but still canít touch me. In this game if youíre clean you
can get all the money when you start getting dirty and they look at you funny. Cuz this a Bronx
tale like you know wit Sonny. And that flow donít stop so they all call me. Keep your nose clean
when fuckiní wit addicts and alcoholics. Cuz they runniní the hood for ya. Thatís ATL for ya New
Yorkís no different, soís LA and Miami, thatís hotter for riches. And keep your eyes on he
snitches and front-ass niggas that claim to be gangstas and sue as soon as you split em. Itís a
cold world, be grateful that the Lordís forgiving and be happy that you ainít dead or sitting in
My nigga.

[Outro: Lloyd]
Ladies come take this ride wit me.
Niggas come take a stride wit me.
Ladies come take this ride wit me.
Niggas come take a stride wit me.

Murder Inc.


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