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Lyrics » B » Baby Bash » Menage A Trois
Menage A Trois
by Baby Bash
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[Chorus: Frankie J]
Show me what yo body do
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can have a rendezvous
We can have a drink or two
You can bring yo girlfriend too
We can keep it on the cool

[Baby Bash]
Down and dirty
Rough and rugged dog
Nasty but you love it
You gon' lick it
I'm gonna shove it, ugh-ugh, ugh
When I hit it from the back
You commence to cap
Grab yo toy baby grab yo strap
I'ma kick back light up a sack
Last name "OFF" first name is "JACK"
You know the deal do
So grab the dildo
And let's do the damn thing
So I can tell my kin folks
About that there shit we did
About that there freak you did
And landed on my face, ooh
Baby girl but I love the taste
Got me livin' my fantasy
Baby come and dance for me
You got that candy cream
Let me see you pull yo panty string
Let yo thong slide to the side
Chica open wide
And let my fine ass baby mama put her tongue inside
Tongue kissin' naked to the world
Such a nasty girl
You got me fiendin' every time I'm dreamin' of the pearl
Twice last night, once in the mornin'
That's yo favorite song
It turns you on
Leave your pumps on
Baby watch me hit it strong
Baby Bashy you so nasty
Love the threesome for the top notch jazzies
Smokin' on some of that purple grassy
Now what yo body do

[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Shadow]
Ain't no tellin' what a fella gonna do
When it's me off Ren and you
On the phone when we getting' it on
Like the name off the song
It's just the freak in you, and me
Ya heard, fuck it, every body in this mutha fucka
We doin' this hit not givin' a shit
Shadow the chicken plucker
I wanna know what you got on your mind
Is it the same as mine
We can bump and grind
And tell your friend she can come along, Why?
I would never leave her behind, hell no!
Never mind the love we share
Remember I'm a thug you bitch
Fuck her up rub 'round your dick
Cuz all I give you dirty tricks and that's it
No shame in the game I play
Me and Bash got pie to lay
Texas Californ-I-A
Smokin' weed, pokin' bitches all night and day
Ride away in the hot one
Put my hook in the sea then I caught one
I gotta take it or leave it
And believe it or not
I got the eye of an eagle and I spot them

[Chorus x2]

[Don Cisco]
Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson
Me and two friends like Charlie Bronson
Locked up in a suite in between sheets
Gang bangin' top nothes, huh
I'm the bossiest playa like the freak Steve Austin
I don't give a fuck what shit be costin'
Keep bad bitches, pretty friends be flossin'
Sex and the City every time we tossin'
Never leave the pad without packin' precaution
Frisco Mac, so proceed with caution
You and these dudes are in these streets is often
Blaze up a sack get the chronic often
Outlaw on the run come ? me none
Don Cisco baby
When I ride, I'm bossin' on that ass
And ? rollin' pregnant
2-1-1 girl I like them odds
You can rock my world
I'll make you scream for the Gods
In between the sheets all night
I'll freak you hard
Keep it cool
What you speakin' on?
Shut your mouth and just tweak it on
Close your lips, leak you wrong

[Hook: Frankie J x2]
You know I like to watch
You I like to see it
I'm kinda freaky mama
Oh baby please believe it

[Chorus x4]


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