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Lyrics » J » Juelz Santana » Let's Go
Let's Go
by Juelz Santana
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I've been feeling dry baby
Trying to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel baby
C'mon ohhhh c'mon lets get it on

[Lil Boy]
Let's Get It On Nigga

Aww man, lets get it on man, santana you on ya own man
Hold the set down, okay they ready, they wanna get it on, we can get it on
Lets do it man.Dipset,ya know got a lot of shit man
Got these bastards man,lets do it

Ya niggaz is dealin with a "G" from the block
Yea its me from the block,quick to tell a nigga(lets get it on)
But I dont really like to beef on the block,that brings heat to the block
I got to eat on the block nigga
Ya dealin wit a pimp from the hood, keep a chick from the hood
Quick to tell her ey(lets get it on), C'mon, lets go
Im tryin to do it so ey(lets get it on)
Im 1 hell of a guy, fly fella can fly, like scarface, 1 hell of a hi shit
1 hell of a ride that I drive, 23's look like propellers on side
Who stuntin like me, who frontin like me.
Who did it,who get it,who done it like me, you!
Who wishin,who frontin,who want it from me, you!
Come get it,you want it and its nuttin to me, and you!
Chumps already know how it feel,
When it comes to the pump and the steel, its like(lets get it on)
You know what these wild boys toot
Tie em up with the cowboy rope so(lets get it on)
Lets get it on ya(imma get it)(lets go baby)(lets get it on)
Hey ma,bag that ass up,look ya back almost crashed up so(lets get it on)
(thats love baby)(thats love right there)(hit em 1 more time)
Man you dudes can get it, thats my word
To the slang on my houston fitted.
I send rockets at you dudes and midgets
Send cock up in you goose and pigeons so(lets get it on)
I know you like that mama,I'll be right back mama so(lets get it on)
Yea do you believe me,dont you believe me,wont you believe me
So come(lets get it on)
On any given sunday or any given monday. we headed up the runway
Uptown yea we headed up a one way, her head is in my lap
So I let her do her one thing. she was jamaican
So i fed her bread and dumplings,veggie pads and rum cake
Told her(lets get it on), said she was 18 and lived crazy just like me
Eighties baby jus like me so(lets get it on)(eighties baby huh)
(get it on then)hey baby you know what your boy holds all night
Long pipe,long strokes(lets get it on)I got it so you right ma listen
Hey ma,roll with the winners and I aint talkin dinner, im like(lets get it on)
(told you man, we can get it on)(matter fact,lets get it 1 more time santana)
Man I roll through,stroll through,flag on the ride side of my whole crew screaming
(lets get it on)they'll get you,they'll twist you,they'll split ya whols body in half
Then dismiss you like(lets get it on)
But im lookin for a bad lil mama,get mad like her papa,got an ass like her mama
Got her own woom,ass for a dolar,go half on a scama and I laugh when I holla
Yea(go half)(thats love baby)(yea dats love)(lets get it on)
Hey baby,the ride on this chrome,just provide us with dome so(lets get it on)
(thats love baby)(thats love)(yea thats love baby)
You must be used to me spendin.nope(lets get it on)not tonight nope(thats love baby)
It dont cost nothing its free(freebie)(lets get it on)
Hey ma if you give good brain,you'll get ya dipset chain
(lets get it on)(you know thats like 20,000)(thats love baby)
(you know thats for nothing)lights out,nothing to fight bout, got the pipe out
So(lets get it on)(its the only thing to do)(thats love baby)(I mean its only right)
(lets get it on,owwwwww baby)(lets get it on)(thats love baby)(lets get it on.....)


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