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Lyrics » F » Freeway » Hear The Song
Hear The Song
by Freeway
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State Property Music
uh, holla, uh...... yeah

[Chorus - Freeway]
When you hear the song (feel me)
Will you cry (uh its all real baby)
Cause you know you wrong (you know you wrong)
Will you cryyyy (Holla) will you cry...........

[Verse 1: Freeway]
Yo, say hello (sup)
To Mr. Aint gon' be shit
Get a job, get your kids somethin' for easter
Knowin’ I just came home aint got nothin to eat with
Bitch outta line -
Hoe been drove me outta my mind
She like, I shoulda knew before I lay down and slept with him (slept with him)
Now she wish that she could sleep with him (sleep with him)
Take a stroll with him
Wanna creep with him (with him)
Roll with him (with him)
And turn to a freak on him
Ain’t have no patience with him when the ceilin’ leaked on him
Creeped on him
But I’m a boss baby you crossed the line
No orders go rock to hit all your girls
From the bed to the tub, bathtub to the ceilin
Killin’ the world……..holla!!

[Chorus - Freeway]
When you hear the song,
will you cry (make you won't cry, don't it)
Cause you know you wrong (its all good baby, don't even worry about it)
Will you cryyyyy
When you hear the song (life goes on ya know)
will you cry (but I got some others issues the address but it ain't about you)
Cause you know you wrong (uhhh)
will you cryyyyy

[Verse 2: Freeway]
I ain’t big but scrap you dead wrong
Ya’ll coulda scrapped it out
He was never known for shootin’ the toola packin’ the chrome
He was known for shootin’ the hoops up
Little hustle nigga grind [grind]
To get his jeans and boots up
At the summer league game D game rough
And the summer heat had ya’ll niggas feelin’ like ya’ll so damn tough
Wrong words, couple of shoves, park full of hoes
Had his hands all in your mug
How could you roll with pride in your way
You drove with your .38 to the place where he stay
Said, “say hi to the pearly gates and scrolls.”
Now I pop beers reminisce with your bro
You can’t make it to the show
And niggas make it to the jail
Shed a tear

[Chorus - Freeway]
When you hear the song
Will you cry (its fucked up man)
Cause you know you wrong (how you go out then you locked up)
Will you cryyyy (how you run around a lie)
When you hear the song (can you dig)
Will you cry
Cause you know your wrong (but I got one more person to address)
Will you cry (I ain’t forget about you ol’ girl, I remember)

[Verse 3: Freeway]
Oh look
Who could it be, Ms. Lee
You know this nigga aint kiddin’
Think harder, Freeway L.Pridgen
Shit you used to tell me make me wanna work harder
At gettin’ crack spots sent me to prison
Said I’m never gonna be a thang
So I listened and skipped school
Had them thing distributed
Fuck class, on the block all day
My science was choppin’, baggin’, dividin’, addin’, the math
How my teacher gonna tell me I’m dumb
Had me feelin’ like a sore thumb
Clown of the class (uh)
I got graded most hated with guns
But now I made it to the life
Couldn’t make it to the class
If this nigga chew your ear
That’s an oh for you to hear
Kiss my ass!

[Chorus - Freeway]
When you hear the song
Will you cry
Cause you know your wrong (you know you wrong)
Will you cryyyy
When you hear the song (feel me)
Will you cry
Cause you know you wrong
Will you cryyyy

[Freeway (Outro)]
This is dedicated to all, all the motherfucker out there
You, you, and you mothefucker who did something wrong
All y'all niggas out there what else y'all gon' do something
(the ignorants) or there is something wrong right now
You know you wrong (don't you cryyy)


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