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Lyrics » W » Webbie » Full Of Dat Shit
Full Of Dat Shit
by Webbie
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[Webbie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit
[Boosie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit
[Boosie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit
[Boosie:] I'm Full Of Dat Shit

[Webbie] Now if you ever catch me leanin to the side red eyes in my ride wit the music up high bad bitch up on my side I might be gettin on her ass or im
gettin on her thighs flag me down dont even try it
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] Now you might catch me wit my cutie riddin bumpin dat Boosie one hand on the wheel the otha hand on her coochie big stacks,big gats,Nextel
Motorolas doja afta doja
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] In tha club by the bar wit my niggas we twistin gars spendin 50's wit my boys jumpin stompin makin noise on tha block servin junkies makin money
dumpin toys I aint in tha mood 4 it
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] We in tha club throwin bows pourin 4's blowin joes fresh clothes got a nigga head dro V.I.P doors is where we go when we go party dat ex got
us retarded (extasy)
Im Full of Dat Shit
[Webbie] Duckin off countin cheese wit Bossie in Tennessee red bitches on there knees suckin and catchin ceemen wit some dark lopes on the sun aint even
beamin you aint even tryna see me
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] Im in da room wit sumthin nasty big fine and sassy on top dat girl be actin she even call me daddy I hit her in tha caddy on tha way to the
classic fell asleep all in traffic
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] In the room wit sumthin sexy caramel complexion both of us butt naked dont give it 2 me i'll take aint no time fo no cakin im stabbin it like im
Jason im swervin like im crazy
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] U can catch me by tha school zone wit my McKinley blue on wit a tool on that'll have you you you and you gone you niggaz hatin on a boy cuz
we Trill and we drink all nite
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] Sharp as a bow-and-arrow 2 deep in da Camaro clutchin a double barrel hollin "bitch it dont matta" wit da class clown actin no sense n goin get
dat paddle dat'll have me actin badda
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] Im n da room wit Halle Berry I swear dis gurl Halle Berry cuz she shave around her cherry and she smile when she get ready and her people got
dat fetti we riddin heavy chevys gettin high err second
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] On my way 2 da mall wit a bad lil broad slob all ova my balls she lickin em' through muh draws got my main mayne wit im hittin em' on tha phone
thats my motha fuckin dawg
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] I hit da stage buckin hard got tha whole club rockin Hennessy and Hypnotic got me thinkin bout tha projects stop it thats my goal nigga
errtime u see me im pourin 4's niggaIm Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] Drivin on tha side walk in tha dark like i dont care flyin through tha stop signs like dem bitches wasnt dere steady bouncin 2 the ceilin spillin
Hennessy and beer be done shot ya in ya ear
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] Im in New Orlenes wit Lil Wayne platinum chains platinum women if the girl stick me then you know they come and get me they goin rub me they
goin lick me they goin keep a nigga smilin i cant stop wildin
Im Full Of Dat Shit


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