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Lyrics » O » Ol' Dirty Bastard » All In Together Now
All In Together Now
by Ol' Dirty Bastard
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[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Yeah youknowhatI'msayin? It's all I'm sayin
Knahmsayin? Yo I'ma tell all y'all motherfuckers somethin,
Knahmsayin? I'm a Dalmation, knahmsayin?
Motherfucker I'm white AND I'm black, what?
You can't understand it? Then FUCK YOU! Knahmsayin?
I love this
Motherfucker, I need this
We work from hand to hand, from country to town,
From city to state, from world to world; nigga
From universe to universe
It's a white and black thing (all the world leaders)
It's all, and together (I said peace, and love, from happiness)
You understand meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??!!

??, turn me up!
Ah turn me up! [7X]

[keep repeating "Ah turn me up!" in the background]
White girls shake your ass
Black girls shake your ass
Everybody shake your ass
C'mon, shake yo' ass!!

Turn me up! Motherfuckers gettin hot in here
Niggaz all gettin hot in here
Everybody gettin hot in here
Whitey's gettin hot in here
Blackie's gettin hot in here
Somebody gettin hot in here
Everybody gettin hot in here
Red people gettin hot in here
Yellow people gettin hot in here
Blue people gettin hot in here
Aliens gettin hot in here
Somebody gettin hot in here
White people gettin hot in here
Black people gettin hot in here
Everybody gettin hot in heeeeereeeeeahhhhh

The chamber of this banger, is 36th chamber
Understand Equality Slang, that of Allah's name
Played the rabbit, like you dead
Mork from Ork, first take support see me in The Source
Yo I take the Eighty-Five Percent brain
Cause Black makes what makes rain
Dirty brain is like payday to me
GOD, Unique baby
Who's the Five Percent of the planet Earth?
Tell em Poppa Wu, well it sure ain't Poppa Smurf!
Got to check your blood, take you to church
Ministers down with the nerds
Ever since birth,
White man always tryin to take the black man's turf
Black man built America
I named ya after Asia, you ain't my MOMMA!
Now her name is Erika, Bo Derek-ah
What, you like that slave name?
It wasn't 'posed to sound better
New Rule order, New Rule order
For ALL the maniacs in jail read this letter
Be behind me when I'm makin this cheddar
Cause I'ma make it more better, for our babies
Cause they play in the same schoolyards everyday
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

White man clock on your wall
I'm tired of gettin up goin to work
For that WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE man y'all
I's got a bad boss
These thoughts was fuckin Diana Ross
I ain't no ??, makin this money
NUH! Show yourself
Whitey come on, get the money (GET THE MONEY)
My Father Allah walk with Gods
Just like the dollar bill walk with God We Trust
And I walk this dog, two-thousand two-hundred miles for you
Whaaaaaaaaat? Let the ?? know it's done
Hey blackie, yo whitey

It's all, all, all in together now
We gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now
All, all, all in together now
We gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now
All, all in together now
Gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now
Alllllll in together now
We're gettin paid gettin dressed for the weather now

It's all in together now
New World Order baby, knahmsayin?
Y'all recognize it's together
You understand me? It's the Dirt Dog speakin
My word is BOND, and my bond is life
It's all in together now my niggaz, and my niggarettes
My peoples, don't worry about it
It's all slang from the same gang
I'm black out, and I'm black in
I'm white out, and I'm white in
SO WHAT?!?!?!


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