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Lyrics » S » Silkk The Shocker » Executive Thug
Executive Thug
by Silkk The Shocker
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What you think
Man, I don't fuck with them (ha-ha)
No Limit (uh-huh)
Ya heard me
Ghetto nigga
Watch how I spit this shit
I don't know what I'ma do next
Until then, watch me - watch me, watch me

Executive thug look when I'm done
If last year I was on 20's
This year I'm on 21's
Niggas talk but huh we got plenty guns
Give niggas a choice now they can catch it from anyone
I ? I don't like niggas unless it's jail
I don't pass out nothin' look unless it's shells
Send niggas to the ? the rest to hell
And I don't box slim dog slim I'm less than frail
Everything we rock look is customized
And shorty gon' be sprung soon as I touch them thighs
You ask too many questions like dude like what's and why's
What the fuck we buy and what the fuck we drive
We just stay in the pits
Like stay in the mix
Stay into shit
Stay in a 6
Stay in the bricks
Just cause we got money dog
We still slick with it
Never say how it get done
We just get it did
They'll little deal or somethin' but that ain't nothin'
Spend a little change but look that ain't money
Niggas laugh but I'm like that ain't funny
What you call them lil' huh if that ain't dummies
I represent niggas in the hood that's boxed up
All my niggas doin' time
All of 'em locked up
The big ones are the ones that a lil' thin
The ones that's doin' reps of 10 jackin' off to Lil' Kim
No Limit beef nigga
No Limit street
No Limit west nigga
No Limit east

[Slay Sean]
I spit fire
You know hot shit melt the wire
Off yo chain
Get it right it's not a game
I'm not the talkin' type
I throw slugs to the brain
Run up in spots
Make 'em point out the cain
Go outta town hustle
Switch up the slang
Down South with Silkk and Circuit just doin' it man
Puttin' in work
Come on son you bound to get hurt
I'm on some other shit
I roll around in a hurse
Run up on ya
Put a couple rounds in yo shirt
Undertaker leave you face down in the dirt
A frown and a smirk
Shit I'll put you down when it's worth
That goes for anybody walkin' on the face of this earth

[Short Circuit]
Think the audio tight wait till y'all see the video
Y'all gon' need a telescope to see us niggas with dough
I done copped dope with prison dough and locked the block
Till the cops came with glocks and tried to rock my spot
Anything I see I want I cop don't talk to the cops
40 grand on a drop-top right off of the lot
Want what I got make a nigga ? blocks
On the block in the spot with razors cuttin' down blocks
They gon' catch me with a glock somebody's socks get rocked
I ain't dealin' on the rock I'ma have to be shot
Shot and dropped any way my gun get to pop
I'ma be on night watch bangin' out with the cops

I get paid look every time I cuss
Speak the truth every time I bust
Niggas still talkin'
I ain't got time to fuss
When I come through you ain't got time to duck
I'm a thug
Everything about me says that
Been real even way back
Only spit the truth dog
I only look to state facts
You still talkin' (bbrrddd)
Take that
I told you this time look I'ma lock the summer
I'ma roll through NY and rock the Tunnel
Look hop out the Benz
Hop into a Hummer
What the fuck I'm doin' it for look if not for money
Always been real
Never been fake
Always been a playa
Ain't never gon' hate
Concert ? tour like 70 a day
I was cool with 6
But now I'm more like 7 or 8


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