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Lyrics » E » Eazy-E » Down 2 Tha Last Roach
Down 2 Tha Last Roach
by Eazy-E
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[Dr. Dre:] "I still express yo I don't smoke weed or sess"

Ah, greetings eartlings, and welcome to the motherfuckin'
wonderful, wonderful, motherfuckin world
of gettin higher than a motherfucker
Ohh me? I'm funk on your mind
alias to you motherfucker's roach clip
And this here's my Kimosabe dumpin shit on yo ass
and my nigga goes by the name of BG Ashtray
and we 365, that means we fucked up all the way around
And our motto is..

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

Creepn through this cloud of smoke
with a little bit of funk to make ya choke in
Gangstas come feel good inside
as we take you for a ride to another dimension
Deep from a 4-0 O-Z
Two crooked ass niggaz on a cosmic journey
Straight from the planet G
where the real niggaz dwell in the realms of Ruthless
Took a puff of the indo spliff
High like a bird as I creep to the bud spot
Break me off a proper piece so I can get fucked
with my nigga roachclip, BG Ashtray, dump that ash tray
Ruthless family, high as can be
Smoke that ?? psychadelically insane
and gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

As I step through the smoke
Deep from a land broke niggaz dont come to
Straight to Indonesia
Chronic fever step off punk we dont need ya
Blaze a blunt to the boogie
and come take a ride on a journey with a real G
life is easily explained on the level
of smokin bud with the motherfuckin Devil in my imagination
Sup with these thoughts what a fly creation
Indo smoke from the land of G'z
Letting them know they can't handle these
Niggaz, straight from the planet Dime
I have come to put funk on your mind
Eazy-E better known as Mr. Roach Clip
so pass the bud cuz we still gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

Now I'm real fucked up yes high as hell
Ring ding ding do I hear some bells
or am I just trippin
thinkin about that 4 that I'm dippin
Front, back, side to side
on corners that's how a nigga gotta ride
Dip to the, dip to the back
Bumpin' Eazy-E on 8 track
So blaze up a another skunky, funky, dookie, doobie,
so we can get loogied
Up some more, up, up it go
What's my name "Eazy-E" yo
The motherfuckin bud smokin' loc'n
when I'm high as a kite causing ruckus yeah!
gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)

(Below is asked to E while music is still playing)

[Q:] Substance
[E:] Mar-a-Mutha-Fuckn-Wana
[Q:] Common slang names
[E:] Pot, grass, dope, weed, homegrown, sinsemilla,
Maui-wowie, thai sticks, joints, roaches, indica,
concentrated rezi called hash or hashish;
but some niggaz call it bud
[Q:] Active Ingrediant
[E:] Tetra Hydro Cannabinol... THC
[Q:] Source
[E:] Cannabis Sativa
[Q:] Form a callogic classification
[E:] CNS Depressive Hallucigent
[Q:] Medical Use
[E:] Experimental only,oh yeah we still testing...
and don't forget we still gettin higher than a motherfucker

(Gettin higher than a motherfucker, down to tha last roach)


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