Download 'Word Snake (Mobile Edition) (176x220)(176x208)' to your phone
Word Snake

(Mobile Edition) (176x220)(176x208)

Download 'Word Snake (Mobile Edition) (176x220)(176x208)' to your phone
The aim of the game is to build words from random letters and reach a target score before the time runs out. The player can only play from an existing letter tile, which means the word must begin or end with the existing letter, forming snake like structures. Words will disappear after a set time, which means the player must form new words to keep the snake alive. The player can play onto special tiles which do the following:- Extra life Decrease remaining level time Increase remaining level time As the player progresses to each new level the timer will decrease faster, the target will increase and extra walls will appear that restrict the playable area. New Features New improved graphics Sound FX Massive dictionary Shuffle feature Home feature Redefinable Keys
type: Java
size: 97 KB