Download 'Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow (320x240)' to your phone
Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow


Download 'Castlevania Dawn Of Sorrow (320x240)' to your phone
The continuation of the hit role-playing vampire! In 2036 Soma Cruz is trying to prevent the evil cult of Sorrow resurrect their dark ruler and lord. Proberites in grim citadel, which hide a fanatic, and save the lives of their friends who also want to prevent the cult. A huge quantity of weapons, spells and opportunities, as well as the unique role elements raises the game to rank as one of the best mobile RPG. Beautiful graphics in the style of manga, and special effects, gloomy atmosphere of ancient castle and stunning with its size bosses - all this awaits the lovers of the genre of gothic horror!
type: Java
size: 624 KB

Also Available for:
(128x160) Nokia 5200
(176x208) Nokia N70
(240x320) Nokia 6300
(240x320) Nokia N95