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Lyrics » D » Dizzee Rascal » Jus' A Rascal
Jus' A Rascal
by Dizzee Rascal
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He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal, Dizzee Rascal [x4]

Yo London stand up tall

Stress on the brain , complain too da fool
Stress on the brain complain too da max
I'm gonna search for big money stacks , top tens and platinum whacks
Ain't got no need for a chain of a chaks.
I'm a rude boi I aint gotta relax
I got this game in my head like dax

Got this game in my hand, be cool
Ill stop a bull , make a boi relax
Ill take teeth for the money and jaks
We make money off album tracks
Come on ill face it , lets all face facts
You may be some handsome chaps
What's that , but I'm invisible to all
Foolish fakish cats , Roll Deep will have some of that

Jus another brain complain to da max
Jus another brain complain to da low
Gotta get money , got get a lot of ho
No less than a G for the show
Aint got no buff or ill hang dudes who think I hang wit da low
I get round all ways in a go , I get round all ways in a rush
I wont eva hush , drinking beer make my lot lush
When I come to the crotch with crush , never chat shit , talk shit get flushed
I talk tough cuz life's been rough
gritty , shitty life aint been to pretty far from buff
so im off to the elegant stuff
He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal, Dizzy Rascal [x4]

Definitely I hustle blad , definitely I grind
You can try anything you wont I definitely don't mind
Definitely got my ting , I definitely know your face
So don't jump out your promo, definitely put you in your place
Definitely I hustle blad , definitely I graft
So you can chat anything you wont , cuz ill definitely will jus laugh
Definitely got my swords , definitely got them sharp
So don't keep talking like you bright ,k cuz it definitely will get dark
Listen , definitely I hustle blad , definitely I fly , so you can chat anything you want ,
ill definitely jus sigh
Definitely know im real , definitely no you aint
So don't try being no devil , cuz I definitely aint no saint
Definitely I hustle blad , definitely win
So you keep taking this for a joke , and I definitely will just grin
Definitely could of herd , definitely couldn't know
Don't talk like your on top , ill definitely leave you bellow

He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal
He's jus a rascal, Dizzy Rascal [x4]

Bug roll ya , so stay low , I might have to get live o
And ya don't need the stress as I grow so jus sit like im hot like a kettle, you might get
scolded or burnt up , but I guarantee the fed wont turn up , hang it up , yo u must give it up
like a bitch go fetch ya makeup , im street wise hang with the phat guys so spectize make the
whole crew capsize slap guys when I talk walk past I wrestle guys wont no take downs so no
lives when I pour true there is no clear sky's , jackass kindnapped that guys capped that guys
replaced with gaz,

(hi pussy hole , im coming for you yeah , remember rude boy im coming for you yeah , any
where I see you im gonna lift off ya face with chat yeah you're a pussy hole , go fuck your
mum as well all right , go fuck ya mum yeah , where all waiting to blow you brain ,
you fink that your all bad , you aint bad blad , pussying out , pussying out for three weeks.
Saying you got girls from northend one , whats all that about you shit head , fuck your mum man)


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