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Lyrics » L » Loon » I'll Be There
I'll Be There
by Loon
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[Intro - Loon - talking]
Loon la lean aka young Marcus
Young, pretty and heartless
And my man CTzy
He make it seem to easy
And the general P D-I double D-Y
See why we be fly

[Verse 1 - Loon]
Now you can hum all you want to, cum all you want to
But I ain't Mase so run all you want to
Sit there act all dumb if you want to
Spend your whole life in the slums if you want to
I eat good, eat crumbs if you want to
And keep wastin time with the bums if you want to
I got long though, you know how the song go
My name hold weight, far from a John Doe
It so strange how the game made my arm grow
Used to live in cell blocks, now I live in condos
And every morning I feel like Alonzo
Number one on the pop charts and your moms know
Everytime I pull up, there's a car show
Young cats, stay lookin like the head honcho
My escargot my car go one-sixty
The world's Fargo Parto
Me and Puff like the "Lone Ranger, Tonto"
Leave the club and we leave with a whole car load
And we got better ratings than a new gong show
But right now you got to let my arm go, c'mon ma

[Chorus - Carl Thomas]
I know what you've been through
Sometimes love is so cruel
Oh, yes it is
(Oh, yes it is)
I know I ain't perfect, but I'll be there for you
(Gonna be there for you baby)
Oh yes I will (oh woo woo)

[Verse 2 - Loon]
Uh, check it out
You choose to lose, only cause you confused
If you was with me, I'd probably go abuse them dude
But you runnin 'round 'busin shoes
'Stead of 22's that cruise
How you gon' abuse the rude
Girl you runnin with some popular dude
Poppin bottles of Voo
Now you seen me and you not in the mood
Girl he has you on the block with his dudes
Different watches to choose
Baby girl I think you got me confused
That's like a chair to a sofa
Ma tell her Oprah, seein Russell in a pair of loafers
It's evident, that's irrelevant, you was elegant
Taught you proper etiquette, for the hell of it
It's like you feel me, but you not smellin it
I try to talk but you stay on some yellin shit
Then you complain about the things that Helen get
Leave me and get the same treatment a felon get

[Chorus - Carl Thomas]
I know what you've been through
Sometimes love is so cruel
(Sometimes love can be so cruel)
Oh, yes it is
I know I ain't perfect, but I'll be there for you
(I'm gonna be there for you)
Oh yes I will (oh, yes I will)

[Verse 3 - Loon]
Uh, yo
Yo I'm the type when I come through
Mami I do what I want to
As far as you if I want you
Now I ain't come here to haunt you
So you can have a attitude if you want to
I'ma have you, reason why
All four seasons I'm fly
I'ma player, ain't no reason to lie
Ain't no reason for you breezin on by
Without squeezin a "hi"
Cause I could tell by the gleam in your eye
You like cats with dough that fold up
22's when they roll up
Ma you need to slow up, hold up
Here's a proposition, on the real ma, he got to listen
I know he's loud, cause the top is missin
But you could be in the Tropics fishin
By the sea, mami poppin Crisses
Though it seem kinda optimistic
I got green and a pot to piss in
Fuck with me, you got a lot to witness
Cause I'ma have you

[Chorus - Carl Thomas]
I know what you've been through
Sometimes love is so cruel
(Sometimes love)
Oh, yes it is
(Sometimes, oh yeah)
I know I ain't perfect, but I'll be there for you
(I ain't perfect, but I'll be there for you)
Oh yes I will (oh, yes I will)

[Break - Carl Thomas]
Wa hoo, I know that love
Don't give you a fan sometimes
Sometimes what you gotta, what you gotta
You gotta reach down and play it with your poker face

[Chorus - 2X - w/ ad libs]


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