Download 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 (128x160)' to your phone
Pirates Of The Caribbean 3


Download 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 (128x160)' to your phone
Get ready to embark on another pirate adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Play as Jack or Will and fight epic battles, find epic booty & follow the action to the ends of the earth! Menace the seas of the Orient and battle rival pirates one-on-one, escape sinking ships and other hazards, or swap cannon fire with the Flying Dutchman. Lots of gold awaits crafty pirates who dare to acquire it from enemies and hard-to-find chests and crates! Put those slick pirate moves to work and cheat death– avoid attacks by running, jumping out of reach or rolling by. During Swashbuckling moments, dodge enemy blows by ducking or jumping. Keep yer health up for all that fighting by picking up grog bottles, Super Swords and successful attacks fill your Special Attack Bar. Blow holes in an enemy ship just right and watch ‘er sink! Includes 2 game modes, plus 2 unlockables, and up to 21 levels of gameplay! Supplied by Nightmare.
type: Java
size: 128 KB

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